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Tim Maidans 

Photographer/Videographer/ Drone Pilot

Photography became a passion of mine ever since I picked up my first Nikon DSLR camera back in 2008 in NYC. When cameras became more capable I started to take interest in Video production as well. To me, there is no better feeling than watching people enjoy your work.​

Our Team


Anastasia Kostolomova


I love working with people. Every one has a vision, all they need is little help from someone to realize it. I try to bring out the best and most beautiful out of every project. No image is perfect, but there is nothing wrong with silver :)
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About Us

We are a small team of highly dedicated and passionate, for our craft, individuals. Excited to give full and undivided attention to every customer and each project, we hope to put our  vast experience to a good use. 


FAA Certificate: #4356872 - Remote Pilot - sUAS rating
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Operational Waivers

  • Daylight operation (§107.29)

  • Visual observer (§107.33)

  • Operation over people (§107.39)

  • Operating limitations: altitude (§107.51(b))


*All waivers are for Class G Airspace. ​Class B airspace waiver will be provided for each project individually. 


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